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  Newsletter, July - September 2016  
CEO’s Note
Dear Friends,
After a busy and successful second quarter, we find ourselves heading confidently into the second half of the year.

Our financial audit for the previous year (2015-16) has been completed and our Annual Report has been released. Please do read it for a comprehensive round-up of our work and impact during the last year.
Community Impact Assessment
In this quarter, we surveyed nearly 2500 eyes. 88% of the eyes assessed, post-surgery, have visual acuity in the good (6/6 – 6/18) category, in keeping with the outcomes over the years.
Inspiring Stories Of Transformation
Sabita Makal had spent her life in great hardship, bringing up two children single-handedly. So, when cataracts affected her eyes, she was devastated. Until, a MFV run Vision Center gave her a new lease of life.
Narasimaiah was disillusioned by his family who treated him as a burden when he became almost blind and dependent on them. His confidence and dignity was restored when he was able to access a MFV supported eye camp and regain his sight.
An eye condition known as Ptosis almost derailed young Sumbul's life. Attending an eye camp under the Mission Roshni initiative helped Sumbul regain her confidence and her cheery outlook towards life.
  Caring Capitalism® in Action

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