Boosting VC Performance in COVID-19 Times
Franklin Daniel shares 10 strategies to improve Vision Centre performance during COVID-19 pandemic
Roots of Mission for Vision
Lijiraj revisits the books of history and shares with us how Mission for Vision came into existence.
A Special Railway Ticket
Guest author Dr. Sil shares his memorable journey of visiting Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh
A Day in the Life of a Field Investigator
Wanted to get a deeper understanding in the day of a Field Investigator? MFV Staff Dhanaji Ranpise shares the ground realities in this blog.
Eye Care Without Any Hitches
MFV Staff Amit shares hitches in delivering eye care services in the Orchid State of India
An Eye for Women Empowerment
Mission for Vision Staff shares her views on how including women in the eye-care workforce can fuel the country's economic growth.
The Uphill Eye Health Challenge
Traditionally, Mizoram’s hilly terrain poses many challenges in terms of accessing eye care services. Here are some challenges and solutions that could address this issue.
Nunpuii’s Inspiring Story
Here is the inspiring story of Nunpuii who is an optometrist and works in the tough terrains of Northeast India.
Measuring the impact of Cataract Surgery
Poverty is a cause and effect of visual and other disabilities that increases social divide. Eradicating avoidable blindness enhances productivity. It thus impacts the many millions who are stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty and poverty-induced disability.
The Quest to Finding Our Eye Health Hero
I was rummaging through some information on International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness’ (IAPB) website and I stumbled upon a poster for the Eye Health Hero nomination.
Cataract and Mental Health
Cataract and mental health: Impact of cataract surgery on the psychosocial challenges faced by people affected by the condition in India
Khairunissa: Gender Balance in Rural India
Khairunissa, 68, has been working with Mission for Vision partner Tulsi Chanrai Eye Hospital as a social worker since the inception of the hospital in 1994 at Nashik.
Quiet flows the Dawki
I was on an assignment to photo document the work done by “Mission for Vision” (MFV) with their partner Bansara Eye Care Center (BECC).