Women for 20/20 Interviews: Dr. R. Lalrindiki
As a part of our blog series titled "Women for 20/20: Recognizing Women's Leadership in Eye Health", we were honoured to interview Dr. R. Lalrindiki, Head of the Ophthalmology Department at The Synod Hospital. In this blog post, Dr. Lalrindiki shares her remarkable journey, reflects on the hurdles she has overcome, and imparts motivational insights for women around the globe.
Women for 20/20 Interviews: Ms Usha Rani
To commemorate Women's Day this year, Mission for Vision is delighted to present the blog series "Women for 20/20: Celebrating Women's Leadership in Eye Health." This series aims to highlight women leaders in both the public eye health and corporate sectors. We had the privilege of interviewing Ms Usha Rani, Director of Programs at the Cognizant Foundation.
Sisterhood in Sight: Empowering Women in Eye Health
Two sisters embarked on a remarkable journey overcoming challenges to pursue education.
Passing on the threads to the next generation
Here is how a timely eye health intervention catalysed the succession process of artistic skills from one generation to another.
A tête-à-tête with the eye health staff of MFV’s 100th Vision Centre
On the occasion of Mission for Vision's 100th Vision Centre launch, the Mission for Vision team decided to connect with the Vision Centre staff at Jasra to gain a better understanding of the ground realities in terms of eye care.
Let’s talk about Retinoblastoma: A conversation with two fathers
MFV staff Shrikant Ayyangar speaks to two fathers about retinoblastoma and their children's journey so far.
Diary of an Eye Health Volunteer
An array of articles are written on volunteers who are doing incredible work for the society. While these articles often deal with a particular area of expertise, this story is something different. It is the unique journey of Mr K. Bhimaya Reddy that led him to becoming an eye health volunteer.
Born Too Soon: Understanding ROP
MFV Staff Shrikant Ayyangar writes on Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) and narrates his experience of visiting the NICU, where neonates were screened for ROP.
Mission Jeevan: Saving Eyes & Lives
Dr Sonal P Yadav provides an insight into retinoblastoma and our programme - Mission Jeevan that focuses on providing timely screening, counselling, financial aid, and treatment to children diagnosed with retinoblastoma
Understanding Visible and Invisible Strabismus
In a move to create greater awareness on eye health and other related matters, this blog post focuses on the topic of Strabismus.
Stories of Inspiration: Meenaketan Kandori
Here is an inspirational story of Meenaketan, one of our Mission Saksham students, who went through many hardships and struggles to get where he is presently.
Webinar: Retrospective research in eye health
Here is a snapshot and recording of the webinar we recently hosted on the topic of Retrospective research in eye health: Generating evidence to inform policy and practice.
In Conversation with The Leading Women of Optometry
On the occasion of International Women's Day, we connected with the young women staff from our Vision Centres across the country to learn about their journeys into eye health.
Bridging the eye health gap among tribal communities
Amit Mondal shares different interventions by Mission for Vision and its partners to bridge the eye health gap among tribal communities in Rayagada district, Odisha.
Webinar: Pandemic Perspectives
Here is a snapshot and recording of the webinar we recently hosted on the topic of Pandemic Perspectives: Enabling Eye Health to the Very Last Mile
No Compromise on Quality
Here is a story that reiterates the importance of maintaining the highest quality standards when it comes to delivering eye care.
Eye Screening of Tea Tribes in Assam
Here is an article that explores the challenges in delivering eye care to Tea Tribes in Assam
Champions of Eye Health – B. Alphones
The Champions of Eye Health is a special blog series that celebrates MFV and partner field staff who are the first touch-points in enabling eye health in the community. This series recognizes their efforts in engaging with community members and educating them about eye health and helping us achieve our goals towards eradicating preventable blindness.
Vision Centres in the COVID-19 Era
Shubhrakanti Bhattacharya shares Mission for Vision’s experience in setting up a Vision Centre in Rayagada district, Odisha
Ounce of prevention – Worth a pound of cure
Debashis narrates his experience of working with Vision Centre staff amind the COVID-19 pandemic
Boosting VC Performance in COVID-19 Times
Franklin Daniel shares 10 strategies to improve Vision Centre performance during COVID-19 pandemic
Roots of Mission for Vision
Lijiraj revisits the books of history and shares with us how Mission for Vision came into existence.
A Special Railway Ticket
Guest author Dr. Sil shares his memorable journey of visiting Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh
A Day in the Life of a Field Investigator
Wanted to get a deeper understanding in the day of a Field Investigator? MFV Staff Dhanaji Ranpise shares the ground realities in this blog.
Eye Care Without Any Hitches
MFV Staff Amit shares hitches in delivering eye care services in the Orchid State of India
An Eye for Women Empowerment
Mission for Vision Staff shares her views on how including women in the eye-care workforce can fuel the country's economic growth.
The Uphill Eye Health Challenge
Traditionally, Mizoram’s hilly terrain poses many challenges in terms of accessing eye care services. Here are some challenges and solutions that could address this issue.
Nunpuii’s Inspiring Story
Here is the inspiring story of Nunpuii who is an optometrist and works in the tough terrains of Northeast India.
Measuring the impact of Cataract Surgery
Poverty is a cause and effect of visual and other disabilities that increases social divide. Eradicating avoidable blindness enhances productivity. It thus impacts the many millions who are stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty and poverty-induced disability.
The Quest to Finding Our Eye Health Hero
I was rummaging through some information on International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness’ (IAPB) website and I stumbled upon a poster for the Eye Health Hero nomination.
Cataract and Mental Health
Cataract and mental health: Impact of cataract surgery on the psychosocial challenges faced by people affected by the condition in India
Khairunissa: Gender Balance in Rural India
Khairunissa, 68, has been working with Mission for Vision partner Tulsi Chanrai Eye Hospital as a social worker since the inception of the hospital in 1994 at Nashik.