India has for over 26 million persons with disabilities of which almost 4% are aged 10-29. This section is accessing higher education, but access to equal and quality education remains a challenge. Due to poor maths teaching facilities for blind children, they often opt out of the subject or take up lower level of maths. As a result, they lose out while competing for entrance exams and professional courses. MFV works in partnership with the National Association for the Blind (NAB), India to promote inclusive education and reduce inequalities by strengthening the mathematical skills of children with blindness and low vision through Mission Shiksha.

Providing dedicated teachers that focus on the subject, enables children with visual impairment to pursue mathematics and to stay within mainstream education which broadens their future career options. Since its inception in 2015, NAB students have successfully passed their SSC board exams (10th Standard), particularly as they earned strong marks in mathematics. MFV hopes to expand its work in inclusion in the future.