There is a gross lack of Allied Ophthalmic Personnel (AOP) in India and this is significantly hampering the delivery of quality eye care services and the battle against preventable and treatable blindness. To address this issue, Mission Saksham has embarked on a journey to train 2000 Allied Ophthalmic Personnel.

Through this initiative 20 lakh people will receive quality eye care by these trained professionals. The free training programs are offered to candidates from socio-economically challenged communities and priority is given to female candidates. The Mission Saksham initiative impacts the community positively by providing a source of income thus breaking the cycle of poverty. Along with the course skills, the programme also improves the candidates’ soft skills, builds their confidence and empowers them with transferable skills that are useful for their career ahead.
Partnership with WEN Giving Foundation

In partnership with the WEN Giving Foundation, Mission for Vison is currently enabling training of several AOP candidates across India. With WEN Giving Foundation’s commitment, we have been able to widen our reach; build the infrastructure; collaborate with leading institutions and create a long lasting impact on the ground.