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Letter from the CEO

Since this is our first newsletter of 2015, we would like to begin with the season's greeting and best wishes for a very happy and successful New Year.

At Mission for Vision, we ended 2014 with an action packed quarter. We celebrated World Sight Day across Mumbai, Chennai and Nashik, spreading the message of this year's theme - 'No more avoidable blindness'. And we're proud to say that we brought back the light to many lives.

On another front, it gives us immense pleasure to announce that our partner Sankara Eye Care Institutions (SECI) inaugurated their 14th hospital. The Sankara Eye Hospital - Jaslok Chanrai Community Eye Care in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh opened its doors on October 12, 2014. This MFV-supported hospital is designed, staffed and equipped to provide high quality and comprehensive eye health for communities in and around Kanpur.

In Q3, we're happy that Mission for Vision's partners have reached out to over 150,000 people and at least 48,419 eye surgeries, free and paying, were conducted towards our collective goal of eradicating avoidable blindness. According to our impact assessment report, 92% of our patients had good visual acuity ranging from 6/6 -6/18. And better yet, the social and economic impact of these surgeries had 99% of the patients getting back to their daily personal activities like reading, writing, watching TV.

The last quarter of 2014 saw the beginning of a new partnership with Synod Hospital, Mizoram, towards our mission of promoting eye health in the North East of India.

Mission for Vision also participated in a planning meeting organised by the World Health Organisation and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness. The objective of the meeting was to get started with the Action Plan for the Prevention of Avoidable Blindness and Visual Impairment in South East Asia.

Finally, this newsletter comes with some wonderfully inspiring, real life stories of people whose lives we were able to transform. Stories like these continue to inspire us towards the eradication of avoidable blindness..

As always, we are thankful for your support and your encouragement keeps us moving forward in our mission. I look forward to your valuable feedback at elizabeth.kurian@mfvindia.org

Best regards,
Elizabeth Kurian,
Mission for Vision
  An Awareness Initiative for Lasting Impact  
In an effort to increase awareness on the growing issue of avoidable blindness, Mission for Vision conducted a campaign in Mumbai, Chennai and Nasik on World Sight Day on the theme of 'No More Avoidable Blindness'. The idea of the campaign was to bring global attention to the issues of blindness and vision impairment. We are happy to report that these campaigns reached out to a large number of people and were an unqualified success.
  Mumbai Gets an Eye Test  

Today, many take the gift of sight and well-being for granted. In fact, we often get so caught up in our daily lives that we have no time for a simple eye check-up.

So on World Sight Day, Mission for Vision partnered with Bhojraj Chanrai Sankara Eye Hospital and conducted an Eye Screening camp at Mittal Tower compound, Nariman Point, Mumbai. The response to the camp was encouraging, with close to 250 working professionals and residents from the area getting their eyes tested.
  Taking Theatre to the Streets  

Everyone enjoys going to the theatre, but what about those who can't afford it? Mission for Vision decided to treat the people of Chennai to wonderful street theatre performances. On World Sight Day, theatre performers were flagged off by our Chief Guests, Mr. T. Perumal, Senior Principal of Gnanambal Mat. Hr. Sec. School, Thiruvallur and
Mr. C. S. Durai, Patient Mobilization, MFV.

Artists from the Alternate Media Center helped us spice up the performances by adding a local flavor to it. And it was truly appreciated by over 1 lakh viewers who enjoyed every single performance. Now that's a great show folks!
  Encouraging the Art of Storytelling  

Children love to tell stories. On World Sight Day, Mission for Vision got the children of Haribaba Secondary School to do just that in Nashik. And we had a helping hand from the Tulsi Chanrai Eye Hospital to put together the event.

In all, a total of 89 students from classes 8 to 10 of Haribaba Secondary School took part in the essay writing competition. While all the children did a great job, six of them were awarded prizes for their outstanding writing. And another three children received Geometry boxes as special prizes. All in all it turned out be a great way to brighten up their day.
  A Step towards the Right to Sight  
Mission for Vision was proud to be a part of the inauguration of the 14th hospital of its partner Sankara Eye Care Institution (SECI). The Sankara Eye Hospital - Jaslok Chanrai Community Eye Care in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh was inaugurated on October 12, 2014.

The auspicious occasion was graced by Jagadguru Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal Sankaracharya of Sri Kanchi Kamkoti Peetam. He shared his words of wisdom and blessed the occasion.

Among the other dignitaries who attended the inauguration were Mr. Shatrujeet Rai, COO, Jaslok Hospital, Mr. Mukund Jaisingh from Enpee Packaging, Mr. Jagdish Chanrai, Founder, MFV and Ms. Elizabeth Kurian, CEO, MFV. Members from the Mission for Vision team and the Savitri Waney Trust were also present for the occasion.
Impact Assessment Report – October 2014 to December 2014
In 2014, from October to December, we surveyed a total of 3512 patients – of which 41% were males and 59% were females. And we are glad to report that 99% of our patients are back to their normal daily routines and are able to read, write, watch TV, etc. with ease. In fact, 83% of them have been able to even perform regular domestic activities like cooking, washing and minding their grandchildren. And 70% are engaged in income generating work like agricultural labour.
  Indicator Numbers
  Patients with one eye operated 3468
  Patients with both eye operated 44
  Total number of eyes operated 3556*
*Total number of eyes surveyed equals number of patients with one eye operated plus number of patients with both eye operated counted twice to account for both eyes, i.e. 3468 + 44 + 44 = 3556
  Vision Acuity Classification Numbers Percentage (%)
  Good (6/6 – 6/18) 3272 92
  Border (6/24 – 6/60) 200 6
  Poor (>6/60) 84 2
  Total 3556 100
This data is to assess the level of accuracy of vision post operation. As per this survey data, 92% of the patients who received treatment have good vision post operation; 6% have border vision post operation and only 2% of the patients operated went home with a poor vision as opposed to no vision at all!
  Stories of Transformation  
No More Looking Back for Balbir
Most of us plan on retiring by 60. Unfortunately, that's not the case for 62-year-old Balbir Singh from Simalapuri, Ludhiana. The sole breadwinner with a family of five, he runs a small cycle repair shop. To make matters worse, he had to struggle with blurred vision in both eyes and this affected his ability to work. Making it harder to meet the daily expenses of his family. All of this left him extremely tense about the future.

Fortunately, he heard of the free eye check-up camp being organised by Sankara Eye Hospital in Simalapuri, Ludhiana. Seeing this as a ray of hope, he visited the eye camp. He was diagnosed with cataract in both eyes, for which he underwent corrective surgery. Today, a relieved Balbir is back to his busy routine at his shop and is able to earn enough to meet the needs of his household. He has expressed his gratitude to the staff, doctors and donors of Sankara Eye hospital, Ludhiana for giving him back his sight.
Gifting back his Financial Independence
Ashok Pendharkar is a 61-year-old blacksmith from Raipur in Maharashtra. He is the sole breadwinner and has to take care of a family of four.

But that came under severe pressure, when he began to suffer with cataract in both his eyes. And suddenly he had to depend on his wife to help the family get by. One day he heard about the outreach camp of the Tulsi Chanrai Eye Hospital being conducted in Dugaon Village, 15 kms away from his place. Without wasting any time, he visited the camp and was diagnosed with cataract in both his eyes.

Tulsi Chanrai Eye Hospital gave Ashok the treatment he needed to return his vision. Now a happy man again, he's back to his work as a blacksmith. And he earns enough to support his wife instead of having to depend on her.
Discovering a Second Lease of Life
For the past 5 years, 60-year-old Jisban Bassak suffered with blurry vision in both his eyes. But given his financial situation, he couldn't let blurred vision stop him from spending the majority of his day at his fruit shop with his wife. Due to his financial circumstances, approaching a hospital for corrective surgery wasn't even an option for him.

He attended Sri Sankardeva Nethralaya's free eye camp at his village and was immediately operated for his failing vision. He followed all the instructions to ensure a faster recovery, and now he can smile again and his customers are happy too. Jisban is thrilled that he is able to return the right amount of change to his customers there is no strain on his eyes anymore.
Giving Her a Reason to Smile Again
Shivalingamma is 60-year old a resident of Hosalli in Mandya District. She is blessed with two delightful children who she loves dearly. She also enjoys taking care of all the household activities. Sadly, all that took a turn for the worse last year.

In the beginning she noticed some minor problems with her eyesight. But before long, the problems got progressively worse. Soon they began affecting her ability to do daily chores.

Not willing to take any chances, she told her family about her problems. Before her condition could get any worse, her son took her to the outreach camp conducted by Sankara Eye Care Institutions, Bangalore, where she was diagnosed with cataract by an ophthalmologist. She received treatment had her 6/9 vision was restored soon after. Today, Shivalingamma is back to living her normal, everyday life and she is able to do all the little things that bring joy to her and her family.
Partner performance report - July-September 2014
Mission for Vision, India - Partner Hospital Performance
S.No Partner Hospital Target for this quarter(Oct. 14 to Dec. 14) Surgeries Performed in this Quarter (Oct. 14 to Dec. 14) % Achieved in this quarter
(Oct. 14 to Dec. 14)
Annual Target
2014 to 2015
Surgeries Performed from
April 14 to Dec. 14
Percentage of Annual Target Achieved in April 14 to Dec. 14
1 Sankara Eye Centre
7,750 6,593 85 31,000 27,312 88
2 Sankara Nethralaya
2,500 3,127 125 10,000 10,556 106
3 Tulsi Eye Hospital
1,750 1,754 100 7,000 4,787 68
4 Sankara Eye Hospital
3,250 2,630 81 13,000 10,049 77
5 Sankara Rural Eye Hospital
3,375 1,579 47 13,500 8,068 60
6 Sankara Eye Hospital
6,250 5,574 89 25,000 18,138 73
7 Nirmal Ashram Eye Institute
3,000 3,174 106 12,000 8,279 69
8 Sankara Eye Hospital
5,750 3,945 69 23,000 12,890 56
9 Sankara Eye Hospital
5,750 4,223 73 23,000 12,927 56
10 Sankara Eye Hospital
3,000 2,600 87 12,000 5,567 46
11 Sankara Nethralaya
750 891 119 3,000 2,562 85
12 Shri Shrinivasa Sankara
375 182 49 1,500 565 38
13 Shri Sankardeva Nethralaya
750 1,358 181 3,000 3,553 118
14 Sankara Eye Hospital
1,000 1,182 118 4,000 3,260 82
15 Sankara Eye Hospital
1,250 343 27 5,000 343 7
16 Bansara Eye Care Centre
250 95 38 1,000 187 19
  Total 46,750 39,250 84 187,000 129,043 69
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